Minimalist, multi-instrumentalist producing neoclassical music.

inalbis is the result of extensive research in minimalist and neoclassical movements. A musical project that delivers a listening experience intentionally leveling the field between composer and audience, with distillations of classical tradition, strong harmonic landscapes and minimal electronica. It’s a style at odds with the fashionable inscrutability of postmodernism.

The music has been described as melancholic, ethereal, lively, detailed and emotive. Its composition and recording approach is intuitive, organic and visual, and involves acoustic instruments and minimal use of electronics. The meticulous compositions build a dreamy yet uplifting narrative atmosphere.

inalbis is a musical project that started in Dublin, Ireland. Classical music and more precisely composers like Chopin or Satie, were his first strong influences but the revelation about his musical path came with the notes of Glass, Richter or Frahm.

The simple but intense melodies and harmonic beds led him toward minimalist music, being focused on composing simple but true deep emotional music that moves the listener immediately.

This resulted in a creative process that enriches the typical neoclassical piano (warm and stripped to its raw form) with textures that come from both organic and synthetic sounds.

inalbis is a genuinely outstanding gifted classical composer. He is not interested in obscure melodies or even abstract melodies. He’s interested in something that makes a real connection and I really think he succeeds

– Stephen McCauley at BBC radio, Soundscapes

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